₹ 2,600.00

STAYSAFE 1 is the first professional safety eyewear by Polaroid designed to effectively protect the eyes of the wearer: whether a health care worker in hospital, a factory worker, a shop assistant or anyone going jogging or to the supermarket.

These transparent wraparound shield glasses cover the eye area and can be easily put on and taken off thanks to a comfortable adjustable rubber band personalized with the Polaroid logo and the distinctive rainbow symbol. STAYSAFE 1 is PPE certified. The visor is made from polycarbonate (PC), while the nose pads from Polyamide (PA).

Suitable to be worn comfortably over your glasses, the mask has a distance from your face of upto 4 cm and upto 2 cm from the nose. It has an adjustable fit for a head circumference of 54-60 cm and can be cleaned using soap and water. 

European Certification: EN 166 3 CE (usable also in medical and sanitary field).

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