Matchless Conviction



Driven by the zest to delve into the untapped potential of the luxury and designer eyewear market in India, Mr. R.K.Kataria conceived GEM Opticians, way back in 1969. 

With its endeavour to provide the latest combined with the very best in eyewear, the country's premium optical boutique opened new horizons to a discerning clientele in a fairly unexplored market.



Equipped with the most innovative technology in refraction and dispensing of spectacles, our boutiques house qualified consultants imparting meticulous attention to detail. GEM, with its professional prowess in eyecare started changing the way people perceive their eyewear, not only as a functional tool but as a fashion accessory. True to its tagline, GEM Opticians soon became popular as 'People of Vision.'



For the eyewear connoisseur, we strive to provide a bespoke experience complete with our handpicked selection of eyewear. While constantly upgrading and innovating to keep up with global trends, we continue to aspire to exceed the expectations of our esteemed patrons.