Eyewear Case

₹ 4,900

Handcrafted to perfection this eyewear case is a versatile product. The detachable tray provides a convenient storage space for your eyewear, both with and without outer cases that can easily fit in your wardrobe drawer.

If you / your partner have a penchant to carry a few pairs of eyewear on your travels, then its brief-cased design is ideal. 


Dimension: 425 * 245 * 105 mm
Weight: 2535 grams

Gender: Unisex
Outer Material: Soft-woven leatherette
Inner Material: Suede

Outer Colour: Walnut Brown with Beige Fasteners (Walnut Brown), Chocolate Brown with Tan Fasteners (Chocolate Brown)
Inner Tray Colour: Gold (Walnut Brown) , Beige (Chocolate Brown)


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